January Northern Garden Checklist

Removing snow with a shovel.

Winter Care:

  • Continue to shovel snow first and then use a plant- and pet-friendly deicing salt as needed. You’ll use less deicing salt and reduce salt damage to your lawn and landscape plants.
  • Monitor plants for animal damage. Make sure fencing is secured, replenish repellents as needed and alternate scare tactics. Use a variety of tactics for the greatest success.
  • Examine trees and shrubs for tent caterpillars, gypsy and tussock moth egg masses, black knot and other cankers. Remove and destroy egg masses of harmful insects and prune out cankers as found. Disinfect tools between cuts to reduce the spread of disease.
  • Check, clean and sharpen hand pruners. Replace any damaged or old blades that can no longer be sharpened.
  • Clean houseplants once a month. Wipe off smooth leaves with a damp sponge or cloth. Use a cosmetic brush to dust African Violets, Gloxinias and other hairy leafed plants.

Seed Preparation:

  • Inventory left over seeds, create a list of seeds you want to purchase, and place your order early for the greatest selection.
  • Gather, and purchase any containers, sterile seed starting mix, seeds, lights and other equipment needed for starting seeds.
  • Create a seeding chart for recording plant names, starting dates and other important information. Use a spreadsheet, garden journal or calendar to record and save this valuable information for next year.